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Frontend JavaScript/Ruby Developer

15.06.2018 \ Konstanty Sliwowski
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Our Berlin based client is an innovative and frankly very cool company with a strong R&D focus. They are seeking engineers that can build responsive apps with modern JavaScript, CSS and Ruby. Besides the server side they also focus in the frontend on (rendering) performance, reliability and well tested JavaScript that not just utilizes JQuery.


The Job
  • As a Frontend Engineer you will build new features that look awesome are better to use and make people love using it
  • To achieve this you will work with the latest technologies that are available to produce a consistent user interface across different devices and browsers with responsive design
  • JavaScript is one of your strength and you love to build widgets that make the page more fun to use or enable a better performance with asynchronous behavior
  • We work in a very collaborative environment that makes it easy to learn more in every kind of aspect in software development
  • As a developer for presentation layer technologies you will work closely with our UX/Design and product management department to get the best possible experience live
  • As a Frontend Engineer you will be responsible for well tested and performant (JS) code that works across different browsers and devices
The Profile
  • A minimum of 2 years professional experience in web development
  • Excellent knowledge of pure JavaScript and good knowledge of JQuery
  • Extensive knowledge of CSS(3), HTML(5)
  • At least 1 year of work experience with Ruby on Rails and .erb-templates or similar templating languages
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