Rejecting a candidate (Part II): How to do it gracefully

12. April 2017 \ Olha Halat

Feedback is a crucial component of a recruitment process. It’s your responsibility as a hiring manager to tell the candidate whether or not they got a job. There’s no excuse for ignoring the person who has spent time applying for a position in your company. We have already overviewed the ... more

Rejecting a candidate (Part I): Why silence is not an option

04. April 2017 \ Olha Halat

According to various sources, 40% to 60% candidates never hear back from their potential employers after an interview. How do you think, whom does it cause more harm — a candidate or a hiring company and its reputation?   Silence harms you and your company   You’ve probably been in ... more

Caissa Global — Our company values

24. March 2017 \ Wilbur von Biscuit

There is one intangible aspect that makes a company different from the others. A general term for it is corporate culture, organizational culture or company culture… While the first two notions sound a bit too formal, “company culture” fits us best. That is why we’ll use “Caissa Culture.” In a ... more

Relocating to Berlin [INFOGRAPHIC]

13. March 2017 \ Wilbur von Biscuit

  Are you thinking about immigrating to Germany? Then Berlin could be the place for you! We’re sure you’ll love all that this wonderful city has to offer, but before sampling its many delights, you’ll need to cross some T’s and dot a few I’s. Let us put your mind ... more

Process, Process, Process

07. March 2017 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

Boring as it may sound, the Recruitment Process is crucial when it comes to an effective recruitment strategy. Obvious, you say. Well, hear me out before you say anything. There is a lot more to it. Let’s start by looking at what a Recruitment Process does.   The role a recruitment ... more

The Importance of Feedback

30. September 2016 \ Andrei Curtui

I’ve been working in the Tech Recruitment industry for a while now and an aspect that has bothered me from the very first time was feedback. And by this I mean the feedback that companies give to candidates that they reject.   Now If you are a Software Developer who ... more

Easy Way to Stop Recruiter Spam

05. September 2016 \ Ionut Roghina

The other day one of my contacts shared a Quora link where someone was answering the question: Why are developers rude to recruiters who are trying to get them a job? You can find the answer here. I must say that I don’t agree with this approach, especially given that ... more

Do Your Research!

24. August 2016 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

Seriously, this is the best advice we can give you when it comes to looking for jobs. It seems something obvious but given the lack of basic knowledge sometimes displayed by candidates about companies and locations it is something I need to talk about.   It doesn't take too much ... more
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