The Current Story of Women in Tech

08. March 2018 \ Dominika Martincova

  In the spirit of celebrating International Women’s Day, let’s talk about women in tech.   Did you know that the world’s first computer programmer was a woman? Ada Lovelace wrote the world’s first computer algorithm for an early computing machine, even though that machine existed only on paper. Lovelace ... more

The Myth of a "Rockstar Developer"

02. March 2018 \ Wilbur von Biscuit

  Why “creative” job titles are ultimately a bad idea   This article is a short version of the story previously published on Hacker Noon. Read the full article here.   “[Rockstar developer is] a dated expression overused by recruiters.” — Jim Haughwout on Quora And still, it is quite frequent in job postings. ... more

3 Phishing Techniques in Recruitment to Be Aware of

26. January 2018 \ CaissaTeam

  The recruitment industry has a pretty damaged reputation. You might have heard about recruitment scams where agents fish personal information or references out from candidates through fake job offer calls or emails on LinkedIn and other professional networks. In the case of some recruitment agencies (IT or other), ethics ... more

Berlin Tech Scene & Talent Market: 2017 Summary

28. December 2017 \ CaissaTeam

  As a talent acquisition agency with an office in the heart of Berlin that works closely with Berlin-based companies, we wanted to share our observations on Berlin’s tech scene and talent market in the digital sector.   Here is our 2017 summary.   The attractiveness of Berlin in 2017 ... more

Software Developers & Communication Skills: The Do’s and Don'ts

17. December 2017 \ CaissaTeam

  Over 50% of failed interviews are the result of poor communication skills among developers and not (as commonly thought) by lack of technical proficiency.   As Ionut Roghina once put it, “...for software developers and programmers, how well you communicate is equal, if not slightly more important, to your ... more

Ruby Unconference London 2017

21. October 2017 \ Ionut Roghina

  A couple of weeks ago I attended the second edition of Ruby Unconference London, organized by Codescrum and hosted by Carwow. It was themed “The love for Ruby and all things related to Ruby (Elixir, Crystal) and current trends.“ Read my impressions and some of the points I took ... more
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