Ruby Unconference London 2017

21. October 2017 \ Ionut Roghina

  A couple of weeks ago I attended the second edition of Ruby Unconference London, organized by Codescrum and hosted by Carwow. It was themed “The love for Ruby and all things related to Ruby (Elixir, Crystal) and current trends.“ Read my impressions and some of the points I took ... more

The 10-Second Rule (On Writing CV's)

13. September 2017 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

  Have you ever thought about how much actual face time your CV gets? I am sure the cynical amongst us will say “not enough,” and, unfortunately, they will be right. The facts are rather sad, with the number of résumés companies get, you can assume that your CV will ... more

About Our Company [Presentation]

18. August 2017 \ CaissaTeam

  Quick Facts about Caissa Global:   – who we are – what we do – where we do it and for whom – who our candidates and our clients are – what languages we speak – and how we can help your business.   Find all this in the 7 slides ... more

Building a Strong Employer Brand with a Recruitment Agency

03. August 2017 \ CaissaTeam

  We have already talked in our blog about recruitment process and its importance for the business’ employer brand. We also argued that recruitment is closely associated with brand marketing. Let us talk now about employer brand in more detail and see how a recruitment agency can be helpful in ... more

TOA Berlin 2017: Disruption Berlin Style

21. July 2017 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

  Tech Open Air Berlin 2017 came and went, and I think I speak for many when I say it left us with mixed feelings. It is indeed the premier techie event in Berlin, and it was rather well organised (albeit the venue far). What did leave me a little ... more

Using An Agency As Part of the Onboarding Process

01. June 2017 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

  I recently attended a very interesting presentation by Corinna Holder regarding the onboarding process at Homeday. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail that was undertaken to ensure that candidates who accepted an offer were quickly and painlessly integrated into the business and the culture.   The ... more

Rejecting a candidate (Part II): How to do it gracefully

12. April 2017 \ Olha Halat

  Feedback is a crucial component of a recruitment process. It’s your responsibility as a hiring manager to tell the candidate whether or not they got a job. There’s no excuse for ignoring the person who has spent time applying for a position in your company. We have already overviewed ... more

Rejecting a candidate (Part I): Why silence is not an option

04. April 2017 \ Olha Halat

  According to various sources, 40% to 60% candidates never hear back from their potential employers after an interview. How do you think, whom does it cause more harm — a candidate or a hiring company and its reputation?   Silence harms you and your company   You’ve probably been ... more
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