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Process, Process, Process

07. March 2017 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

Employer Branding

  Boring as it may sound, the Recruitment Process is crucial when it comes to an effective recruitment strategy. Obvious, you say. Well, hear me out before you say anything. There is a lot more to it. Let’s start by looking at what a Recruitment Process does.   The role a ... more

Recruitment IS Marketing

02. May 2014 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

Employer Branding

  Recruitment is increasingly becoming a hot topic with good talent being more sought after, and companies requiring an increase in staff numbers as a result of the upturn in the economy. This is why it is becoming more important how the recruitment process is handled and why we start viewing ... more

Why Hiring Means Selling

31. March 2014 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

Employer Branding

  The days when highly skilled candidates were lining up for jobs are long gone. Sadly, we find that the mindset and hiring practices of many employers have not kept up pace with the changes on the market. We are clearly on the cusp of the next technology boom. This ... more