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The Myth of a "Rockstar Developer"

02. March 2018 \ Wilbur von Biscuit

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  Why “creative” job titles are ultimately a bad idea   This article is a short version of the story previously published on Hacker Noon. Read the full article here.   “[Rockstar developer is] a dated expression overused by recruiters.” — Jim Haughwout on Quora And still, it is quite frequent in job postings. ... more

Using An Agency As Part of the Onboarding Process

01. June 2017 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

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  I recently attended a very interesting presentation by Corinna Holder regarding the onboarding process at Homeday. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail that was undertaken to ensure that candidates who accepted an offer were quickly and painlessly integrated into the business and the culture.   The ... more

The Importance of Feedback

30. September 2016 \ CaissaTeam

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  I’ve been working in the Tech Recruitment industry for a while now and an aspect that has bothered me from the very first time was feedback. And by this I mean the feedback that companies give to candidates that they reject.   Now If you are a Software Developer ... more

Employers: How to Get Your Job Offer Accepted

03. March 2016 \ CaissaTeam

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  As recruiters and hiring managers, we all know how disappointing it is to have the perfect candidate – and then lose them. You know, the candidate who was practically created for the position. The one who has perfectly relevant experience, the exact skills needed to do the work required, ... more

What Is A Headhunted Candidate?

05. March 2015 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

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  I find that the definition of what headhunting is has been watered down over the years and is now used in an almost generic way without an understanding of what it is and the weight that it carries. Sadly, this also means that candidates that are really headhunted are ... more