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Do Your Research!

24. August 2016 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

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  Seriously, this is the best advice we can give you when it comes to looking for jobs. It seems something obvious, but given the lack of basic knowledge sometimes displayed by candidates about companies and locations, it is something I need to talk about.   It doesn't take too ... more

[Candidates] How to Ace the Recruitment Process

21. January 2015 \ Ionut Roghina

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  Via a recruiter or direct application, having been reached out to directly or simply via a friend recommendation, you have started to discuss the possibility of working at a new company. Congratulations, you are making good steps towards the next step in your career.   It’s very important as ... more

Career Advice: How to Get a Better Job

03. October 2014 \ Ionut Roghina

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  Every time I start working with a new potential candidate, I ask about their career objectives in the short and long term. Many people don’t have a clear image of how they want to progress, others mention they want more responsibility; they want to become a Team Leader or ... more

How To Analyse An Offer

26. August 2014 \ Ionut Roghina

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  You have been through the interviews and tests. You have met the team and seen the office. All has gone well, and now you are facing an offer. Unsurprisingly, different people will have varying reactions. Some will look at it as if they were staring down the barrel of ... more