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Good Recruiter/Bad Recruiter

06. May 2016 \ Konstanty Sliwowski

Recruitment & Recruiters

  Inspired by the work of Ben Horowitz and his simple and yet effective style of delivery, I have written the article below outlining what—in my experience of 12 years in the recruitment industry—differentiates good from bad recruiters.   Good Recruiter/Bad Recruiter   Good recruiters know the market, the market ... more

The (near) Future of IT Recruiting

23. March 2016 \ Ionut Roghina

Recruitment & Recruiters

  My attention was caught yesterday by an article about the IT recruitment industry, which I found quite interesting. Well written, although in the same gloomy tone that goes on to say IT recruiters will be replaced very soon by LinkedIn and Artificial Intelligence. You can read it here, although ... more