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10 Major Tech Conferences in Berlin

20. September 2019 \ CaissaTeam

Berlin Tech

  As one of the biggest tech hubs in Europe, Berlin has both a distinguished community and a packed schedule. So, if you are looking for ultimate networking opportunities or would like to attend a bunch of talks and workshops within a few days, all you need to do is ... more

Moving to Berlin for work: visas and residence permits for people in tech

02. August 2019

7 mistakes companies make when choosing a recruitment agency

17. June 2019

Take part in the 2019 Survey: YOUR RECRUITMENT JOURNEYS

14. May 2019

Berlin: Cost of living in German capital in 2019

26. March 2019

Berlin Tech Salaries in 2019: How much do developers, engineers and engineering managers earn in Berlin?

01. March 2019

Caissa Survey Findings — Recruitment Journeys in Berlin’s Tech 2018

13. December 2018

Berlin Survey Results — Part 1: Tech Professionals vs. Recruiters

30. November 2018

Caissa Stories: How We Helped Raisin Hire A Process Owner Continuous Delivery

30. November 2018

What does a perfect CV look like? — The goes and no-goes of CV writing

30. November 2018

Women Techmakers Berlin Meetup: The missing 40% when applying for a new job

30. November 2018

Relocating with your partner? Make it awesome.

20. June 2018

Caissa Stories: How to hire a CTO in less than 10 weeks

04. May 2018

Our Services (Icons)

18. April 2018

You think you don’t need a recruiter? 9 reasons why you are wrong

12. April 2018

6 Things to Do after a Job Interview (How to Handle Your Post-interview Process)

23. March 2018

The Current Story of Women in Tech

08. March 2018

3 Phishing Techniques in Recruitment to Be Aware of

26. January 2018

Recruiting, Staffing, Sourcing, Headhunting, Talent Acquisition... What's the Difference?

12. January 2018

Berlin Tech Scene & Talent Market: 2017 Summary

28. December 2017

Software Developers & Communication Skills: The Do’s and Don'ts

17. December 2017

About Our Company [Presentation]

18. August 2017

Building a Strong Employer Brand with a Recruitment Agency

03. August 2017

Relocating to Berlin [INFOGRAPHIC]

13. March 2017

Building a Successful Partnership Between Agency & In-house Recruiters

19. October 2016

The Importance of Feedback

30. September 2016

Employers: How to Get Your Job Offer Accepted

03. March 2016

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