Wilbur von Biscuit

Chief Wellbeing Officer

Wilbur von Biscuit joined the Caissa family shortly after becoming a puppy. He is responsible for ensuring smiles, laughs and taking everyone out for a walk once in a while. He is at his best when sleeping or chewing on a bone under a desk.

Blog Posts

The Myth of a "Rockstar Developer"

02. March 2018 \ Wilbur von Biscuit

Hiring Tips

  Why “creative” job titles are ultimately a bad idea   This article is a short version of the story previously published on Hacker Noon. Read the full article here.   “[Rockstar developer is] a dated expression overused by recruiters.” — Jim Haughwout on Quora And still, it is quite frequent in job postings. ... more

Contacted by Recruiters: Frequency, Relevance, and Other Survey Findings

01. November 2017

Caissa Global — Our company values

24. March 2017